Thinking Energy – A Smart Home technology trial from E.ON

Yesterday the Loughborough REFIT team attended a talk by Chris Utting, New Technology Consultant at E.ON, organised by the Energy Institute.

Chris described a UK trial by E.ON of it’s latest Smart Home technology product in a sample of 75 homes in Milton Keynes. This is part of E.ON’s ‘Thinking Energy’ project

The technologies included Smart Meters, an in-home gateway, Smart Plugs with monitoring and control functions, and a sophisticated user software accessible from PCs, tablets and Smart Phones.

This is one of the first Field Trials of it’s kind in the UK and the early results clearly demonstrate the potential for Smart Home technologies to engage constumers with their energy consumption and to enable householders to take greater control over the operation and performance of their homes. There were many lessons here for the REFIT project as we plan our own Smart Home Field Trial to start in 2013.