The first TEDDINet workshop

On the 5th and 6th of November REFIT attended the kick-off TEDDINET workshop. TEDDINET is a newly established, EPSRC funded network to support the work of the 22 individual (Build)TEDDI projects, ensuring that they achieve more than the sum of their parts and leave a strong legacy for industry, government and society at large. For more information on TEDDINET, its aim, structure and participating projects can be found at

The workshop was held at the University of Edinburgh hosted by the BuildTEDDI project ‘IDEAL’. Attended by 44 researchers representing 17 of the (Build)TEDDI projects, the workshop promoted the sharing of knowledge and experiences between different projects. It also provided vital direction and enthusiasm for the newly established TEDDINET, ensuring that it will benefit academia, industry, policy-makers and society. A summary report of the workshop can be found at

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