Loughborough University currently participates in three major cross-disciplinary research projects in the area of domestic buildings, energy, occupants and technology, namely DEFACTO, REFIT and LEEDR. Each project features strong Loughborough involvement. In an effort to share information about these projects and knowledge with each other, a one-day workshop was organised by Victoria Haines, head of the User Centred Design Research Group in the Loughborough Design School, and held on Tuesday 16th April 2013. A series of detailed presentations on specific aspects of each project improved the understanding amongst colleagues and encouraged fruitful discussion on a wide variety of subjects. The main issues raised were:

What’s the best way to measure room temperature and other E&E in the home?

How do you keep people engaged in a domestic trial?

How do you clean and store large quantities of data?

How do you deal with ethics, health and safety, and data protection issues?

How do you tie the qualitative data together with quantitative?

Academics and researchers aspire that, through collaboration of projects, Loughborough University’s expertise and profile in the environmental research will be recognised amongst the centres of excellence of the field.